Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Basically it was the 8th of March of 2011, and my sister brought a video about a story about a girl who went to heaven and hell, like she walked into heaven and walked into hell, and basically that video touched me and touched my heart, and from that day I changed the way I live and breathe, now I, don’t swear anymore, I behave, like, like a Christian and I believe more in God and I include God in my life, it’s really helping me and also, I also preach the word to my friends and they’re now following the way I’m following God. It’s true that heaven is there, from that video I really understood that God is really there. God, he’s, he’s not like a fake God, people say that, oh, that God is only a tradition that but he’s really here and, eeerrr anyway when I saw this video I knew it was the truth, when I saw that video I also, like, changed my interest to find out what God wants from my life and, err, and on the 8th of March 2011 it was the best thing to ever happen to me. I was born again and my life changed completely. Now I’m walking in the way of God and I want to know more about what I have to do in order to get to heaven. Sorry, can I just tell you a bit more? After seeing that video of the testimony I started seeing something was happening. I started realizing all my sins that day and I was repenting in my mind and I was really feeling hot and I was crying inside me and then started crying, crying and crying and I’d go into my room and I’d cry and ask God for forgiveness because I really don’t want to disobey his word and to walk in a bad, like, path, because I really want to go to heaven, and I know that hell is real and heaven is real. I was repenting and the feeling inside me was unbelievable, like, how I was behaving and, like, and now, like, people who knew me when I was, like, an unworthy person don’t believe me, I’m now still Bridget because, and I think in a different way and I believe, uhm, say to people that they have to try to get near God because it’s the only solution to have everlasting life. 

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