Monday, 2 September 2013

Tyson and Vic.

I was stuck in a. Really boring office job ah. About four years ago. And I met Victoria and then I'd already planned a trip away for. A year. And I went away for. For the whole. For ten months we stayed together. Err. When we got back we. er. Set up a. I set up a business and Vic, Victoria. Quit her job in The City eventually and joined me in the business ah. And that was about three years ago and now the business is going quite well and we're working. And living together. And. um. In between that Vic. Vic got breast cancer but now she's better. And uhm. Two days ago we got married. Two days ago we got married. But I left the ring at home because I had a shower and it, and it scratches my face when I wash my face so I took it off so that's why I haven't got my ring on. I was wearing one but it's somewhere safe. On top of the loo.   

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