Monday 11 June 2012


Right I was in Iraq in 1992, yeah, in Kuwait and then my friend hit a land mine and blew up. And I’ve had, err, traumatised by it and I, err, got discharged from it for two years, I was in the army for five years, erm. That’s it really. I don’t know what to say, I made Lance Corporal rank. Uhm. Terrible really, his name was Sonny and errm. Yeah it’s a while back now but, it’s quite a mad thing to see when his legs get blown up. They went over me and that, they went, one of his legs landed over me. 

Friday 8 June 2012

As heard on BBC Radio Wales! / Fel Glywir ar BBC Radio Cymru!

Siaradwyr y Gymraeg:

Y mae'n bleser i gadarhau manylion y twr genedlaethol o Byddaf Yn Talu Punt Am Eich Stori fel glywir ar BBC Radio Cymru gyda Kate Crockett neithiwr (wedi methu hi? Fi hefyd, na phoener. Gallwch wrando eto yma. Gwych 'de?).

Dwi'n gobeithio gallu casglu straeon yn y Gymraeg yn Wrecsam a Gaerdydd, felly lledwch y gair.

Mi fyddaf yn aros yng Ngaeredin trwy gydol y gwyl, felly fydd yn bosib fy ngweld yn dal y murlen yno.

Gadewch neges yma os oes gwestiynnau gennych, neu os hoffwch wneud apwyntiad.

Mae hyn yn mynd i fod yn hwyl, allaf ddweud.



Speakers of the English:

I'm very excited to announce details of my national tour of I Will Pay One Pound For Your Story as heard on BBC Radio Wales with Kate Crockett last night (missed it? That's ok, I did too. You can listen again here. Isn't technology marvellous?).

I will add further dates in London for June / July so stay tuned and spread the word. I will be in Edinburgh for the festival so may whip out the placard there too, so keep your eyeballs peeled.

Get in touch if you have any questions or queries or if you'd like to make a appointment.

I'm excited.



Dyddiadau Twr / Tour Dates

Gorffenaf / July

25: Bryste / Bristol
26: Caerdydd / Cardiff
30: Wrecsam / Wrexham
31: Manceinion / Manchester

Awst / August

2: Caeredin /  Edinburgh

Tuesday 5 June 2012


I was a school teacher for sixteen years. I played the circle time and I tried to understand that, that the children knew that their parents had a name, you know Janet, John, whatever, not mum and dad so I always say “what’s your mummy called?” So I asked this little boy “what’s your daddy called?” and he went “Bastard!” And I went “No what does your mummy call your daddy?” “Bastard!” So that’s one of my stories from my children because children, I taught for 16 years, very funny stories, that was one that I’ll never forget.