Tuesday, 7 May 2013


Ok. Hi. Uhm. I got a story to tell. It's. Kind of a. Uh. Well it's a bit historic. I can kind of make it up so here we go err. Once upon a time there there is there was a castle uh. And there was a little boy who. Err. He liked to sneak into the castle from like the. Town, he used to like sneak into the castle. And one day he sneaked into the castle and he saw a hole and he said. That's odd, I don't remember that being here. And then. After that. He went down. And he found. This huge. This book. This. Err. Terrible. Large book it was about this big. And uh it. Was. And then he decided to take it home he. Lifted it as haaaard as he could 'cause he was only little. All the way to home and he read. The whole book. It taught him everything, all the secret passages in the castle. And then one time he was he counted all the secret passages and he got quite rich 'cause there was quite a bit of money and he went to the last one. And he found a tunnel. And through the tunnel he saw. A whole new world. And then he walked into it and went through all the bushes and. He found. Another castle. And. There was. Kind of. It was kind of for the king when he goes on relaxing time. And somebody and then somebody said what are you doing here you don't look like you're from this world. He said he was looki- he was interested in what was. The castle. And stuff. And he told a story. And he was took to the castle as the bravest lad. And then. he. He took. His parents there. And they became respected people. Because. When he grew up he defeated a dragon that burdened the land. And so. He took. So. He tried hard. Harder. And made the world into another world. But then. it. The world was still seen. Up until World War Two. When. The bombs started. And err. Well. It was a historic place at the time and all of that had been blocked out nobody could go there because nobody knew of it and the person who went in there was a child he was in there. For ages he was he he he even if he was there the same night he was eighty now and then it was 'til. He was. And then the war came and err bombs dropped. Down and blew the place up so absolutely nobody could get in. but then later nowadays. Somebody dug it up and. Dug and dug with a good excavation team. And then he found. The land again. And went down. The staircase. And the king had died by then. He became the new king. Of the land. And he introduced this world to that world and mixed them together to create. A secret world. But that. But that. But then. The people. Of that world. Disappeared out of that world. And that's where all the disappearing people go to. Yeah. 

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