Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Ok so I met. My current partner. How many years ago fifteen years ago. And we were. Really really good friends for about ten years, we went to uni and we both. Kept in contact and err. He hated all my boyfriends he thought they weren't really good enough but never said anything and I hated all his girlfriends and. Never really said anything about it just knew that they weren't really good enough. Just in a friendly way. And then in my finals. Uhm. He sent me funny messages on the days of my exams and remembered them and which is just really unusual for a boy to do. And then. I don't know what happened but I finished my exams and I though I've got a bit of money, I'll go and visit him. And I didn't know it then. But we spend a really nice weekend in Brighton just. Friendly not anything else. And as the train was pulling away I just burst into tears. I didn't realise that I was actually falling for my best friend. It was quite horrible I didn't know how he felt, at all. So I went back to uni just. A little bit. Confused and thinking. That's. New what's. Happening. And I didn't tell anyone. I didn't know. How he was feeling and I thought. If I told him that might ruin everything that's the really awkward thing. Then we went to see Prince. And I don't know what happened at this Prince concert. But it must have been just the pure power of Prince. The power of Prince. And err. Two days later. Nothing happened on that evening, two days later. Uhm. We went out on a night out, me, his best fried who's also a good friend of mine and I to be honest all of my friends knew how I felt about him but none of our friends knew. I didn't want him to find out. And I don't know what happened on that particular night. But I just. I'd had enough I was too confused. And er I was with his best friend on the dancefloor Joel had gone away. And I said. I really. Have a thing for George has he ever mentioned anything to you. About me. And it took all my courage to get to that point. And he said. No. And I thought. Oh well. Nothing- I hope he doesn't tell him. At least I tried. Move on. And then I went to the toilet. Anyway I came back and Alex has gone so me and Joel were dancing. And. He just. As we were dancing he just turned around put my hands on his face and kissed me and it was like the sweetest thing 'cause he sort of missed and got me like on my top left lip and I'll never forget it and then. I was a bit stunned. And then he just kissed me again properly and I thought that's weird that's not what friends do. And uhm . Completely overstepping the mark we weren't friends that. Kissed and it was like wow something's happened he likes you. Turns out while I was in the toilets. Joel. In the- in the thirty seconds after I'd gone had asked his friend I've got feeling for Thea has she ever mentioned anything to you. At the exact same moment. And he went stop taking the piss you two. He thought it was a joke, we'd come up with a funny joke to. Mess with him. And. Err. Joel said why are you asking, asking me if I'm taking the piss out of you. And he said cause she just told me the exact same thing. About thirty seconds ago. So unbeknownst to me when I came back, he knew. And we're getting married next year. That was six years ago.  

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