Friday, 11 April 2014

David Tennant.

Ok. Ahm. I used to write quite regularly for a number of. Film and TV magazines. Including. The Doctor Who magazine like a lot of my. Friends and contemporaries I grew up as a fan of the programme. And. It just so happened. That. That meant I was the. First person. To. Ever talk. To. David Tennant about being. In Doctor Who. And. I've spoken to a lot of actors. About. Taking part in those productions by then I was going. Regularly to the recordings. And. They would all say very polite things about. Oh oh it's lovely to be in the programme I. It's a. It's a super show and I've always liked it. Ah and they would sound very genuine as actors do. David Tennant was quite different because. I. Just asked him the standard question. How do you feel about the. The job and he said “This is fantastic!”. He was the most. Enthusiastic person I'd ever met about. Most enthusiastic about. Being involved in it even though very. This is before. The programme. Came back onto TV. Nine years ago this is about ten eleven years ago. After the recording we went over to the pub across the road. And. Had a couple of drinks with. The small cast involved my friend who was the producer who'd known me for years so we just sat around. Having a drink or two and at one point. I'd. I'd said ooh. I guess it's my round. I think I've got enough cash I don't even know why I said that out loud. And David. Overheard. And said oh. Here's a tenner in case you don't. So I went off to the bar with. David Tennant's ten pound note in my back pocket. And I got home that night and found it was still there. I hadn't. Hadn't needed his money but I completely forgot. Honestly forgot to give it back. To him. At the end of the evening I felt very bad about this. He's not. That. Famous at the time. This is before he was very famous. At the end of the year the. Production company had a party for all the people who'd been involved in the productions. That year and I got invited. And. Couldn't help asking. The. ah. Guy who ran the company. Is David Tennant going to be there? Is David going to be at this party. 'Cause I had this terrible. Burning in my conscience. This money I'd taken off this. Relatively well known actor but not someone who could just throw money around. He said he would be. Turned up to the bar where the party was being held. Spotted David in the crowd talking to someone else. Went up to him. Like a magnet. And said. David. This is your ten pound note. And he said. Is it? Ok. And then took his ten pound note back off me. And that's my story. Absolutely true. 

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