Monday, 28 April 2014

Salt Beef Jack, The Krays and Richard Branson.

I'm from Southport.
I lead with my right.
My Dad who was in the army.
He lead with his left.
In the army they lead with the left.
He got in with the Krays.
They got in with him for protection money.
He was in his late sixties this is in the sixties.
He called it The Cellar Club.
'Cause it was in a cellar.
Salt Beef Jack they called him.
Ideal premises.
One big part.
Big stage and all that.
All the greats played there.
The Rolling Stones.
The Kinks?
Yeah The Kinks.
He managed The Kinks.
All these people.
I swear down.
Dusty Springfield.
Petula Clark.
Sandy Shaw.
Not in the West End so he done well.
I need someone to do a documentary.
About my old man.
Richard Branson.
I stayed at his house in Oxford.
Anyway went down
Went down there.
It was snowing and everything.
And he said stay and all that.
I was only fourteen.
Of all the people
And all that.
Yeah I've had a hard life.
A hard one but a good one and all that.
I need to get to Kingston and all that.
Find some people to put it together and
put it to Richard Branson 'cause he would definitely be interested.
And all that.
My dad yeah.
No-one’s ever done anything on it.
My old man.
My dad was ranked number three number four in the fifties.
Professional fighter.
Boxing and fencing.
Kinda good for reflexes yeah.
I got kids.
But in foster care yeah.
I need a bit of money though yeah.
Bit of rentage.
Not a lot like.
Fifty quid a week yeah.
There's no middle class in London.
You either got it or you ain’t.
Imagine a mortgage now three hundred grand or summink it's madness.
You can't beat home honestly.
I like the countryside.
Nottingham is a city surrounded by countryside.
You know lace.
Like lace curtains and that.
Industrial revolution and all that.
Thank you.
Can you spare any more change please.
Thank you.
You're a good person, I can tell that.
You're a kind person I can see that.
Thank you.
Thank you.

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