Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Dave and Sally

Dave: You tell the story. It’s THE Story.

Sally: It’s a bit long winded. Well, Dave and I belonged to a choir when we were in our mid-teens, called the West Glamorgan Youth Choir, and then we courted for about four years. And then I went off to college in London, so, even though he did come and visit me for a while, I decided in the end that I wanted to be a free agent, so I said goodbye. So he went off and did his own thing, I went off and did my own thing. We both married, he had three girls, I had two boys. And when our marriages broke up Dave was working in Bristol, but still living in Swansea. My father went into his work - his insurance brokerage - this is thirty years later - and when he handed over his name Dave said, gosh, this is an unusual name, do you know Sally? He said I’m her Dad. And, err, it was coming up to half term - I work in a school - and I went home at half term and my mum said, ooh, you’ll never guess who I saw, do you remember David? Of course I do, he was the love of my life all those years ago. Found out that he had divorced as well. So my mind thought hmmm , gosh, I’m a bit low at the moment, having just separated from my ex-husband, so I decided to find him. And so, through my mother, I eventually got his number. I phoned him up one Friday night - this is nearly nine years ago - and his mother answered, so I asked is Dave there, oh no he’s on his way back from Bristol I’ll tell him to expect your call. So, rang back a couple of hours later, uhm. We talked on the phone for an hour. He said where are you, where do you live. I said Hampshire. And the following weekend he came down, and went back to Bristol for a while then gave up the flat and came to live with me and my boys. We got married three and a half years ago.

Dave: All over car insurance!

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