Sunday, 1 June 2014

Electric Theatre.

Ok so I run a theatre company. Uhm. Called. Creative Electric. And it started because I. Worked for a theatre that put a lot of censorship in places over kids. And I really didn't like that so I quite. Spectacularly quit one day. And a week later thought oh God what have I done I've lost my salary and my job and shit what have I done. Erm. And I got. A phone call from one of the kid's mums saying. D'you wanna come round for your tea tonight we know you'll be a bit like. Sad that you've. You're not there anymore. So I went round. And I walked into the house and every single member of my youth theatre was in her living room. And all their parents had withdrawn them and they asked me to set up a new theatre company for them. And that's. That's my job now I've been running that for five years.

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