Sunday, 15 June 2014

Father's Day.

So my day today. So I woke up at. Four o'clock in the morning to go to the fish market. Yeah I went to Billingsgate today. To see the errr the kind of mighty errr. Like towers up there and err. Bring back some fish. And then errr. And then. My son's grandparents are down today from Katmandu flying in. Hmm. So we've err. All dust him off. Cleaned him up. And I'm gonna take him down to the farm. So he can see err the dogs. Well as he as far as he's concerned all animals are dogs. So. So we're gonna see the sheep which is a dog. And err the pony which is another dog. Err. And err. And that's it. The day he was born was a disaster yeah I missed the birth. Yeah I think the one thing you learn is that err. Err pregnancies cannot be planned. So my wife was late. Err which is quite normal for like err. New. New mothers. Uhm and. We went into the hospital. For a err I can't even remember what it was called now but it was just to speed up the process. Uhm so she was in labour for. I think about twenty four hours. Erm and err around that period I didn't sleep. She was hallucinating. Erm. On gas. Saying all bizarre stuff. Even stories of Tom Hanks in the desert. Err. Huh. And erm kind of in the next morning when I was just kind of slouched on the couch. Her mum and her sister came in and she saw me there. And I must have looked like a right state. She said look. You know you need to go home and get a shower. And eat something. And I said no I can't go. And the nurse was like well you know it's gonna be another six hours or so. So they just kind of pushed me out. Ermm. About half an hour later I was stuck in traffic and I heard a phone call just literally as I was outside my house just saying. That erm. She's got to have an emergency caesarean. So. Erm. I kind of rushed back to the hospital. Just kind of rushed back. But unfortunately I missed. The birth. So erm. I think at the time my wife's mother took my place. Very stressed out. Didn't know what she was doing. And that was it. So I missed your birth, boy. He was born with lots of hair. Yeah. Yeah unbelievable amount of hair. In fact I think he had more hair than me. He's charming. Beautiful. But a little devil as well.

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