Sunday, 11 May 2014

Chronicles of Awkward.

This is kind of like. Kind of like a Caz is really awkward. Thing. I go. Go to this thing called five. Five rhythms it's like a. Like a dance. Um. It's like a dance movement thing you go. And you're in a room. And there's like about. A hundred and fifty other people in there. All just dancing however you want. And it's all very like tribal. Rhythmic like there's like. Staccato rhythm. And. There's like. Lyrical rhythm and you just dance. It's just free form dancing however you want. And it's awesome. The other day I saw a guy at at one of the. This is a side note. Not the actual. Story. But he had a tshirt on that said I am Awesome. And he looked like Jesus. And he was pretty awesome he was just like cutting sick on the dancefloor. Anyway. So. I was getting really onto it and I was working up a bit of a sweat and I was feeling a bit thirsty. And so. I went to. The sideline to like. Grab a drink of water. And I was 'cause this is like the day after I'd walked a hundred kilometres. So. I was. Don't know how I found myself in a room dancing after walking one hundred kilometres. I just thought this'll be awesome. So I went to the sidelines and was. Just like bopping along and the only. Dance move. That my legs. Could really cope with was. Wide standing with like my butt sticking out so. A bit like this. Like this. So I was doing that in the sidelines. Sticking my butt out shaking my butt really getting into it. Just while I was drinking my water. So I'm doing that. And I look down. I can see something moving at my feet. I look down. And there was a young teenage girl. Sitting reading her book. Right directly behind me. And so I was like. Grinding in her face. While she was trying to read her book. And I was like oh my god I was so embarrassed. I was just like. 'Cause I was getting so into it. That I was just like jiggling my butt right in her face. And she wasn't say she didn't say anything she just sat there with her book and she was just like. I just like turned around and I was just like. Oh my god I am so so sorry I'm so sorry and she was just laughing laughing laughing laughing laughing. Anyway. So. That's a. That was quite hilarious. 'Cause she probably. This little girl was probably. She probably goes along and sits on the sidelines while her hippy parents. Are like. You know dancing and prancing. While Purple and Sundance. Her parents. Are like. Ooooooh. So she's reading her book and then some old lady comes and sticks her arse. In her face. So. Just another one to add to my awkward chronicles. Chronicles of Awkward.

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