Friday, 30 May 2014

White Crow.

Right. Right errr. I don't know what. What sort of story. Anything random. Right we was. We was walking d'ya know near the err. D'ya know the err Crystal Palace the old build- the old palace where that was built. We was walking down there and there was three crows. And they was all in the middle of the field like. Obviously there was. There was three crows and there was one big one. One massive crow and the dog ran and chased got hold and it got hold of this crow. But he didn't kill it he was just playing with it yeah and he was patting this crow about and this crow like just all it's feathers went bright white. All went bright white d'you know 'cause of shock 'cause of 'cause their feathers change 'cause of shock. And then we seen this crow like every single day for the past two weeks. D'you know like the same crow. The same crow like ev- yeah every every single day we seen the same crow what the dog was playing with. And every time he'd go over it'd fly off yeah. And it seemed like it was actually following us you know like trying to like. I don't know what's the word for it. Tryin'. Yeah like harass us exactly that. Exactly tryin' to get the dog back yeah tryin' to. Wind him up like flying in the sky tryin' to wind him up. But yeah yeah that was. I thought that was quite strange. That was in this park.

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