Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Katie, Ashley, Baby Angel and Conan.

Ashley: We’ve got a story about when we first got the dog if that’s any good to you? He’s a French Mastiff. When we went to view the dog the first time, he was just this big ball of mass, his legs couldn’t support his weight -
Katie: - yeah so he’d follow us about but his legs couldn’t take his weight, so he kept falling over. We took him home - has he slobbered on you? It goes everywhere, all over the telly, everything. Do you want a baby wipe? So when we brought him home we thought he needs a collar and lead, but when we’d bought him he’d never had a collar and lead on, at all, and we carried him home, put the collar on him, put the lead on him and said come on then, walks. And we couldn’t take him anywhere. His paws were sticking- all splayed out. So we walked him round Pets at Home dragging him behind, cleaning the floor with him, and then yeah he picked him up and starts carrying him. Next thing you know, we got advice, he said you’ve got to teach him to walk. And he said you need to get down on all fours, and in a really high pitched squeaky voice go COME ON, CONAN! COME ON! And I was seven months pregnant at the time with her. I had to get on my hands and knees with my belly touching the floor going COME ON! CONAN! COME ON! to get him to walk about three paces. And then he’s dropping on the floor, I had to get on all fours again and it was snowing so my belly’s leaving big dip marks in the snow.

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