Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Oh my god that feels like ages ago not me I didn’t get married.

I attended a friend’s wedding - a friend got married in - oh my god it feels like ages! It was only in like November! Yeah in California - it was my first time -we rented - well they rented - a massive house in Califonia. All of us stayed in this massive beach house this sort of extended pool house thing yeah that was great. That was brilliant and lots of girly fun bunches of friends I haven’t seen for quite a few years probably. We – yeah - we did everything. One of my friends officiated the ceremony - yeah - yeah and, uh, so we literally did or tried to do everything. We started to do the flowers -bridesmaids, yeah - and we all went with the bride to choose flowers for the bouquet. And the florist was a bit afraid that we were making our own bouquet and they were like we’ll do it we’ll do it just choose the flowers. So they did it for us so yeah that was fun.

I live in London. I’m from New York.

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