Friday, 10 May 2013


I'll tell you the story of how I was conned in the street in Brixton. Yes. So I was errr I guess I was still new in town. And errr. I was coming back home from a night, night out. Walking back from Brixton and err I think I was was feeling quite err pleased with myself 'cause earlier on there was a bit of an incident, where this boy was very unhappy and I managed to talk him out of erm star-starting a fight. So I thought I was all very streetwise and in err in business. And these guys stopped me it was about three or four o'clock in the morning and he stopped me and he asked me if I had some 50p coins 'cause he needed 50p coins and he he he could give me the money in pound coins and he showed me his pound coins, and as I was. Taking my wallet out I thought that's a bit weird this was before mobile phones but still you'd use 20ps for the phone, telephones not. 50ps anyway but he was asking and I was looking and I had some 50p coins and I gave them to him and then he said erm. Thank you. And put them in his pocket. I said can I have your pound coins instead and he said no I'm not giving them to you and I said what do you mean, you said you would. And he said I conned you. I'm not. That's my money now and I said that's not your money, it's my money, and you said you were going to give me these three pound coins that you said. Errr. And he said do you not understand? That's it, I conned you. And if you ask for it I'm gonna slash your throat and he threatened to take his knife out. And I was er a little bit afraid at that point. actually. He was quite a big guy. But also I somehow didn't think that he was going to pull a knife out. And I. Also thought it probably not a good idea to check. So there was this strange situation where I stood, I still stood next to him and. Still. Thought that I-I. Couldn't just let it go and walk away. And err I said one more time that I don't understand how he could do that and I-I. Took a cigarette out and he asked me if he could have one and this, this strange situation where we then shared a cigarette and a little chat, and I think even a little, a-a, a little drink that I had in my flask and err. After a few minutes erm I-I though well ok, it's time to go now and I said before I left uhm. So do you think I'll be fine walking all the way from here to Camberwell now at this time you know and he said yes yes you'll be alright, don't worry, but you know that ten pounds that I saw in your pocket, keep it hidden. That's the story of how I was conned. 

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