Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Pyramids are an Analogy for Life

When I was a young man I was sitting in a cafe in, sort of. Ripped jeans and I had long, longer hair then. And this old man looked at me and said why are you dressed like that. And I said to him. Well, you know. Because it's comfortable. And after that we got chatting and he said. The meaning of life. There's an analogy when they were building the pyramids. You see the ones at the bottom are huge, sort of, this big, bigger you'd have to really climb up them. And that's the beginning of your life. And then the older you get, the higher up you get, the stones get smaller and smaller until at the top they're sort of like little steps. And he said the design was meant as an analogy for life – it gets easier the further along you get. 

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