Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Imogen (A Story And A Song)

This is a folk story from. India. And. It's called. A Story and A Song. And it's about a woman who knew a story and a song and this is why I think it could be relevant because it's about. Anyway she knew a story and a song. She hadn't told them for such a long time and they'd become. Buried in... side her. And. This woman lived with her husband and one night she'd gone to sleep and her husband had gone out to work. And the story and the song that were buried inside her decided that because they hadn't been told for such a long time they were going to come out of her and take revenge on her. So they did as she was sleeping this this story came out of her and became a pair of in the shape of a pair of men's shoes and went to stay by the door. And the song came out in the shape of a man's coat and it went to stay by the door. And the woman stayed sleeping she didn't know about any of this. So when the man came home he saw he saw the. Shoes and the coat by the door and he said to her, who's coat and shoes are these he said she said I don't know, they're nothing to do with me. And he didn't believe her so he got angry with her and they had an argument, and he accused her of being unfaithful to him. And she felt very sad and he left for the night and he went to the tree in the uh in the village. And in that tree in that village at night when everybody goes to sleep the lanterns leave their homes, go, and make their way to the tree to sleep. And when they get there they tell stories and they gossip and erm. On that particular night their, the lantern from their house was late because they'd had an argument he'd been up late so he couldn't leave until much later so eventually when he got to the tree the other lanterns said to him why are you so late. And he said oh there's been an argument in the house and the. Other lanterns said why and he said. Because. The woman knew a story and a song but she hadn't told them for so long that she'd forgotten them and they decided to take revenge and they came out of her in the shape of a pair of shoes and a coat and they went to hang themselves by the door so when the husband came home he saw them and he was angry with his wife and he accused her although she didn't know anything about it he said she'd been unfaithful. And. The man was sleeping at the trees and he heard all this. And he realised she hasn't been unfaithful so he rushed home and he went to her, his wife and he said I'm sorry I know you haven't been unfaithful I know what these, these things are tell me your stories sing me your song. And she couldn't because she'd forgotten them. They'd left her forever. 

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