Thursday, 29 May 2014


Okaaay. Ahm. I didn't know what I wanted to do for a career when I left university so. I decided to volunteer to go on a mission boat that was sailing to the Canary Islands from Cornwall. Despite the fact that I'm not very religious. And. I. I also don't I'd never actually been on a boat before. And the boat was a hundred years old it was called Soteira which means salvation in Greek. And the people who were on. Were on it were obviously deep deep deeply religious. And we set out. Err probably in the spirit of blind faith into what was. A brewing storm. And. It got worse and worse and worse and. Was actually a force ten storm which is like a hurricane. Ahm. We got stuck in the Bay of Biscay which is like. A notoriously bad place to get stuck for four days. And. During which time. The boat completely fell apart. Ah the main sail tore in half. All of the bilge pumps which is what pumps the boat when it starts to fill up with water started to fail 'cause the electrics were wired badly. Uhm. All of the caulking came out of the panels so the boat leaked like a sieve and everyone got wet no one slept for five days. Ah one person got shell shock. Another person split their head open. Another person dislocated their shoulder. And two other English people died in the storm actually 'cause they'd set out in a much smaller boat. Ah but we eventually washed up in a place called A Coruna off Northern Spain five days later. And yes.


  1. Wonderful stuff. I want more.

    Forgive a bit of pedantry from a retired English teacher (and confirmed landlubber) but I think the word said was probably "caulking," not "corking."

    1. Aha, well spotted! Now amended. Thanks! Mx

    2. Most gracious! Keep up the good work.