Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Fang Zhou

Ahhhm. I come from China. And. I'm a teacher. Yeah. And. So. Actually I'm not sure I. What do you want? I'm visiting scholar. I'm very interesting in UK's culture. Err, although I, err, visiting law school, but I'm very interesting with a lot of things er, such as, errr, English culture especially errr ancient culture. So, err, you know. My major is protection of the traditional knowledge, this is my major, this is my research point. So I want to know err how English people to protect their ancient culture. Such as, you know, old songs, errr, old building, ah, how to protect that. Yes I'm very interesting in that. Um, you know, er, from, I think maybe errr. I, I haven't find the most favourite thing so far yes. For British maybe I interested in the tartan, from Scotland, tartan? Yeah. But I'm not idea about England. I haven't find uhm you know materials to research I just find you know yeah Scottish government to enforce some act to protect their, ancient, tartan design, and then uhm make the gesture to give the designers maybe give them, give them some prize. So if somebody, uh want to use their design, maybe they will pay. I think it's good, I think maybe Chinese can, can learn from it, I think, yeah.

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