Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Errm, I went here from Germany to Southampton it's, yeah, something, yeah, it's a story of hope I think because I am wanted to, err, work here in the lab, what I'm actually doing here now at the moment, I'm here for six weeks, and I wanted to learn some new methods and some new techniques here in the lab, just to, get some more experience, uhm, yeah, experience that I know how to work in the lab, 'cause I'm erm, studying in Germany, and I don't have much of a experience, ex-experience in the lab, I just sit in the lectures and I get more theoretical, I'm a bio-medical scientist. So in Germany it's called molecular medicine but you can compare it to biomedical sciences which you can study here. Yeah and that's why I came to Southampton doing for six weeks, here.

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