Thursday, 4 April 2013

Phil and Liz

Liz: When we were young, when we were married and we had two children, we belonged to religious cult. And one day we decided to leave. And so we didn't tell anybody at all. And we collected the children and we had an old VW bus, and we just left. And disappeared.

Phil: And errr we ran away thinking God would strike us down -

Liz: - because that's what they told us -

Phil: - the amazing thing was afterwards we found that God didn't exist, it didn't matter.

Liz: A..huhuh..after that we totally gave up religion. And we think the world would be a much better place without it.

Phil: That was the best thing we ever did in our life.

Liz: In Chesterfield.

Phil: In Chesterfield, in err. -

Liz: We were -

Phil: - in Derbyshire.

Liz: - 23.

Phil Yeah. We were born into it.

Liz: We grew up there.

Phil Lots of our family have never spoken to us since. And that was fortyyyyy....four years ago.

Liz: It's the best thing we ever did.

Phil: Yeah

Liz: And we've had a great life.

Liz: You see them, the ladies wear headscarves and they often wear denim. Quite long clothes.

Phil: Yeah. They claim to be Christians but if you disagree with them by a hair's breadth they will never speak to you again.

Liz: You're out.

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