Sunday, 14 April 2013


Ok I became Christian when I was quite a bit younger. But it started when I was five years old. Errr my mother was very poor didn't have much money, never knew where the next meal was coming from. And one day I was playing in the garden and I noticed something in the bush, I said what err is that, and it was a little budgerigar and I thought he shouldn’t be there in the garden and we managed to catch this bird put it in a little cage and went 'round knocking on doors trying to find out who owned the bird. And we 'ventually found the owner, they were so happy that they got their bird back we got given a five pound note which in those days was a lot of money. So it was the first time that I felt God had answered a prayer. Because he had supplied us with some food and we'd, something to get on with. And as we got older I realised that prayer was very important it does actually mean something, and when I was fifteen I was due to go to college, and I met a girl there at college, who was a Christian, she introduced me to her church, and I realised that there was something in this, uhm, situation where you pray to have a Lord, that you pray to, and would answer, and I committed my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, and since then I have been a committed Christian. And he does answer prayer, and I can prove it because there have been so many incidents in my life where he has been there for me, and err. Yes that's my story.  

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