Thursday, 6 March 2014


The story goes as the following you we we wanted to name him Nando in the first place because we really like that name and. It's the short version of Fernando. But then we figured oh we we'd better we found out that there's actually a place called Nando's. In. England. And. South America and we. Thought it to be a. Fast food. Place. Which it's not totally I- I- I saw one in Oxford and it's like steak and stuff. But we thought we thought okay we can't. Possibly. Call our kid like a food chain like McDonalds or something. He goes to South America and everybody would go like oh yeah like the chain. And a friend of ours said well then just call him Anando put an A in front of it. Changed the name completely but you can do whatever you like. And then I said okay that sounds nice but I want to know and I. Checked the internet and Anando is. Sanskit, old Sankrit. Means “Blessed”. Or. Blessed state. Or. Bliss and uhm it's for example uhm. All those names Nantyananda Ugananda a- it's all Ananda. And in. Sanskrit it doesn't make a difference if it's A or O so of course. We're in Europe so it's Anando. And even the cousin of Buddham was called Anando so.   

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