Friday, 7 March 2014


I had my very own ghost. It was my Aunt and she died when she was eighteen. She. Was laid out in the coffin. And any time anybody went to see her. There was uh. A mark on the wall where the coffin lid was put up against it. And I was named after her. And. One day I went to see a friend's house. And. And I remember feeling very cold there all evening. And then when I went home I phoned my mother and I said to her. That I'd been to this house but she said. You've been connected to that house for many years Mary because. That's where your aunt. Mary Winifred. After whom you were named. Lived and died. And she haunts the house. And the house is in Hastings. And she still haunts it. Yes. No, she doesn't haunt anywhere else just a house in Hastings. And when I came to. Um. Empty my mother's house when she had to leave it. I found a newspaper. And it fell open on the bed. Where I was. Err. Looking at it. And it fell open to an in memoriam. And it was to my aunt. Mary Winifred. And I had been in the house where she lived and died. Fifty years later to the day she died. And that's why I was so cold. And that's it.  

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