Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Dale, in Kent.

So err. I own a house I own a flat in. Hackney and I recently decided to sell it. Err. It's worth a lot of money which is quite a surprise to me. And I err. So I was selling the flat. Partly because I can't afford to renew the lease because that costs a lot of money. So err. Just thinking. I don't know I was looking through Zoopla. And I just remembered this place Deal in Kent where I used to go. With my partner. Before he died te-. Ten years ago. And I just started looking on Zoopla and I thought. Ah. Yes that's what I want I want a flat in Deal. I've got a friend I stay with here so I won't be moving-moving to Deal immediately. But so I went down on Sunday which was a brilliant sunny day. We sat on the beach. In t-shirts. And err. I wandered about and I saw this flat from the outside. And I went. The next morning I rang the estate agent and I went down on Wednesday. Made them an offer. In fact I'll tell you this little bit 'cause I made an offer for a hundred and fifty thousand. The asking price was a hundred and fifty-five thousand. And then the next morning I was swimming 'cause I swim at Crystal Palace most mornings and I had this feeling that I was being a bit mean. And I should meet the asking price so I rang the estate agent back and do you know what I think I just want to make the offer to a hundred and fifty-five thousand not. You know knock off five grand you know felt a bit stingy. So. I think they were a bit surprised to say the least. 'Cause it wasn't as if anyone was bidding against me. And. And then erm. This morning. They. Rang. Me. And. Said well your offer's been accepted. So I just got it this morning. And now I'm just off to the solicitors. In Islington. With a load of paperwork. In my bag. In my. Very natty briefcase. Which I'll just say is erm actually. What is it? Called? It's a. It's a. It's a carrier bag that's not plastic isn't it. It's a cloth carrier bag that's the one. 

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