Monday, 15 April 2013

Adam and Isabel

 Err, I'm Adam, yeah errm and one day I was just having, I, with my Dad, and I was just going for a nice walk in the park uhm for a bike ride. And when we got there. He said. Get on. Some helmets and some protective suits. And then uhm. In the end we were like going on. Tight ropes and. Up in the trees and like, uhm, climbing, uhm, ropes walls and everything. Uhm and then we went home and had a massive roast and then. That's really it.

Isabel: What did the. What did the police man say to his tummy? You're under a vest! And there's. Uhm. Why did the boy, boy put lipstick on his head? Cos he wanted to make up his mind!  

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