Friday, 19 April 2013


Uhm this is a story about loss. Uhm. When I lost my. Grandad. First uhm. First close family member that I lost and that was 1999. And I was in my first year at university. In a shared house in London and. He hadn't been very well err. But I remember distinctly I was ironing and I don't iron very often and I. My phone went off and err put my iron down. And er had this phone call from my mum telling me that err Grandad had passed away. And I remember errr just. Absolutely floods of tears came I remember. Sort of falling onto my knees. Uhm but fortunately my housemate Nick. Was there and he. Uhm. He did a great. Housemate thing of pulling me up and giving me a massive great big hug errr. Which made me feel errr thousand times better and I can picture myself now at that ironing board errm with the unfortunate news that my Grandad had passed away  

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