Monday, 8 April 2013


Loss. Right. Being small, primary school kids. Singing. Carols at the end of the year you go to high school. You. Get into a different values system and you start thinking, we don't sing any more. The first thing you do after exams are done, you go home. But at least. The year's still long then you go to uni. Where you have classes you have classes to attend you, but there's no-one forcing you to attend class. So you go. And what you've done. Since primary school that thing you enjoyed so much singing with your little classmates, it doesn't happen anymore. You started wondering what about it is, what about it is, at, at, at whatyoucall it at Uni, and then one day you sit back and you realise what it is, I've lost all of that, what happened, when have I become so...what's the word....sooo....when have I lost that sense of awe and that sense of fun being with others, singing Christmas carols. Now I'm here, I'm still happy I drink beer at least now, but. The point is. How have I lost that and how do I get that back.  

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