Thursday, 18 April 2013


I come from Trinidad. Ahm to do nursing. Uhm, I came over, in the very early seventies. Well, October '69 it's the early seventies isn't it? Yeah. To do my nursing I did my nurse training and I've been working as a nurse ever since but I've done. Various training I've worked. All different. Specialities. I also work at the university. I do some teaching. Uhm at the university so. I enjoy that side of it very much so. In reality I'm actually putting the theory to practice and the practice to theory. Mmm. Yes. Ahm. All the while I been doing my nursing I been doing other courses like diploma degree. Managing health service. I done quite a lot of courses and it you know. It. And enjoy working at the university. Yes I work with the students, who are having difficulty in placement, they are referred to me, and I go out, to help them, achieve their competency for whatever, uhm requirement they have. And bring them into the lab in the school of nursing work with them in a protected area, Get them practising try to build up their confidence to go out and do it on the ward. So I do all sorts of things like teach DLS teach moving and handling skills as well. And have my own learning group and I love all my students hee hee. I get told off for mothering them.

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