Sunday, 28 April 2013


Wait how long is it supposed to be? As in? Ok. So I first heard about One Direction in March of 2012. I was watching SNL, Saturday Night Live, and they were on it, and I was watching it, and I said hmm, who is that cute Pakistani boy?And so I did some research and I fell in love. So I decided that we were gonna get married, so I learned his name Zayn Javadd Malik. And so I wrote them letters every day and I tweeted them. I told them lots of nice, sweet things. I said you're Pakistani, I'm Libyan, we could fall in love and rule the world. I am, I was 20, now I'm 21. He is. One year younger than me I don't care, I don't care. And I really wanted to go to their concert, but I was forced to go and see a piece of theatre instead, it was called Steptoe and Son it was really good I really liked it but I still wanted to see One Direction. But I got a poster and I got a little cute little flag. Let's see. What else can I say. I went One Direction hunting in London. I went. To Primrose Hill that's where Harry Styles lives. Zayn lives in. He does. Right. I'm really bad I say really nasty things about Taylor Swift because I really don't like her, she said lots of nasty things about Harry Styles on national television. And she did a fake British accent and I thought that was really rude. um. So I don't like her. um. Sometimes I watch cute little YouTube videos of them like when they get drunk on the street and they go to weddings and they sing and I really like it. And now I'm just waiting to meet them while I'm here and fall in love then we can get married.

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