Saturday, 20 April 2013


Ok. Yeah. Uhm. Hope for a new job because. Whilst I was on maternity leave. I was made redundant. I've been a. Dance Teacher for twelve years. Been my life. My identity who I am and I feel a bit lost without that because now I'm just. A mother. And. And going to all these baby groups nobody really asks you who YOU are and what YOU do and what your name is it's all about your little. Baby your little boy or little girl so. It'd be nice to get. Just a bit. Of my identity back which is why I'm here doing a contemporary dance class that I've not done for two years. And. And it's been the only thing that I've ever wanted to do since I was about two years old I've always danced. I've. Had. Erm. Years and years of dance training uhm. And danced professionally and performed professionally. And then. Erm there's did twelve years of teaching dance in a local college and that was all. Unfortunately taken away. To do with cuts and funding and everything which unfortunately is hitting everyone. And. So hopefully I need to start turning my life a little bit around 'cause it's been a bit. Depressing since maybe it's the baby blues or post-natal depression I don't know and. It'd be nice. To get. Some part of myself and my own identity back. I don't know.

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