Saturday, 27 April 2013


Um when I started college at the univer-university of Oregon over in the States I thought I was gonna be a journalism major. So I applied I took, all the pre-requisites you have to take the pre-requisites otherwise you cannot take the major I took all the pre-requisites, and I talked to an advisor and she said. You are um you got you got straight A's in all your classes you're don't worry, about getting into the school you applied for, you'll be fine. I said well should I make a back up schedule for next term just in case she said no don't worry about it don't worry about it. So I. Got online and found out I didn't get into the journalism school. And I was like shit what am I gonna do I have been planning this it's gonna mess up my entire degree. And I was so frustrated and I started crying so I called my Mom and she said well maybe it's a sign maybe you aren't supposed to be a journalist just, just pick other classes and explore, some other areas. And I was mad and I was online and I read about a class and I thought it was an architecture class and I was like. Just like whatever I hate my life right now, super-dramatic. And the first day of class I went and I'm looking, I'm like this isn't the architecture building I don't know where I am right now. Turns out that I was in a theatre arts class. I'd never done theatre ever before in my life and. I ended up being in a play in the university and I loved it and I totally fell in love with theatre and that's why I'm here in London now setting abroad setting theatre so. Crazy how it all worked out, it was literally a year ago this happened, a year ago I had no idea what I was gonna do because I didn't get into the journalism school and now here for two and a half months with eighteen other people from my department who have the same passion that I do and it's absolutely amazing.  

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