Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Ok, upheaval. I. Recently moved from Yorkshire where I'd been living for thirteen years to London. And I. I've just had a cigarette so forgive me. And I. Yes so I recently moved from Yorkshire to London after thirteen years of living in Yorkshire so I returned back home essentially to London. And. I think in those thirteen years in Yorkshire I would learn what it was to be a man. I kind of grow. Err I fall in love. I kind of see the world from a different vantage point, not just because of the geography of Yorkshire just. Because I had a greater sense of. You know, I felt a greater sense of the world a slightly more travelled. Hopefully relatively well-read ehm. I mean that, yeah so I felt really powerful leaving Yorkshire then you arrive in London this great metropolis. Errm. And it felt. It felt great actually coming back to London. It felt great in that, you kind of feel like the world is here, amongst you ehm. In kind of the language you hear on the streets and all the rest of it uhm. But I think my heart still yearns for Yorkshire. Years for a. Yearns for space, kind of like physical and mental space. Erm Kind of. Yeah kind of. Remem- yeah I think one takes for granted sort of after thirteen years what those. That you invest in relationships. And thirteen years of relationships is a long time to build relationships. I'm not, not to suggest that one isn't making new relationships but. Suppose certain relationships are born out of particular situations like sort of thing. So I'm excited by new relationships but. Erm. Yeah still raw I mean it's twelve months. I mean you'd think after a year I would've kind of made my peace with it but. But there's still something in me that feels like elastic like kind of. When I'm here I'm happy but I think in that moment I could go back.  

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