Sunday, 7 April 2013

Greg: Edinburgh

There's this amazing place down in Wales where an architect has created a, something like a hobbit house, which is quite, low and, looks like, amazing, stylish, made of err, the equivalent of 30 trees, but they're all sustainably grown,like, Cypress trees and, so they're quickly growing they're it's not like cutting down, it's literally cutting down like, erm, so it's not going to be a big impact on nature surrounding.. The cost to the people is like two thousand pounds and you, you basically substitute something like uhm, a mortgage for this option, costs you for an entire lifetime basically hundreds of thousands of pounds to buying a house, and, and it's quite DIY friendly (laughs) like you can make it yourself basically, if, erm, as soon as you erm, you know, have access to the land and then trees basically the Cypress trees then obviously don't go for oak trees or something like that, will save so much money and you can keep your animals there you, you can farm your land and create some, some sustainable life culture for, so it's quite, er, a great initiative that's been that comes from Wales basically, yeah so they live there already, they have a family, a small family like two three children, the husband and wife.

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